Saturday, 22 November 2008

The world is unfair

Today is anything but a normal day. I'm throwing up by a slight stomach flu, everytime the vomit comes out, some stomach acid comes out with it. And it burns my tongue and skin in my mouth.
I miss going to school to learn. Mummy says that if I miss school then the third floor of my house is my school.But my other half does'nt want to go. It says that I don't have friends. Maybe thats true. They all have me as a secondary friend, when their buddy is gone they talk to me. When their buddy's back they leave me, shun me, and I'm left alone at my table. I busy myself by drawing or writing angry words on scrap paper. Then force a smile ask for permission to go to the toilet, and hurl the piece of paper into the rubbish bin and spit on it.
I'd then wish I could punch the walls till my knuckles bled. When I'm at home I'd ask myself over and over again, why was I treated like that. What had I done wrong that made them dislike me? Then my devil self would say"yea man,you don't deserve to be treated like this you know, you can show then that you don't need them! you can live in a world of your own you know!"but I'd of course shun him. I could'nt listen to anyone at all, let alone some side of me. Maybe the world was meant to be like this. Maybe, just maybe, everyone is as selfish as them.

Friday, 7 November 2008


The day before yesterday: I felt something blocking my throat. I rushed through wearing my uniform and went to drink my water. It quickly cleared and I sighed. Yesterday: My nose is blocked from mucus. I'm going to see a doctor to check me. Doctor says I need to go to KKH on 12 November. Today: Sian, why must I go to school if I'm sick? Went to E!HUB @ Downtown East and ate Nasi Lemak for lunch. Thoroughly showered, cleaning off dirt from school playing soccer. Mummy says I have a cold and sore throat. Now blogging and gonna play Rewujie!

Saturday, 1 November 2008


YAHOO!!!!! I'm going crazy!!!!!!the exams are finally over and i can play till I drop!!!WOOHOO!
Yesterday, to celebrate, we went to Tampines Mall to eat lunch. As i was the only one who wanted to eat MOS burger, I had to be alone queuing up. When next line was ready for the next customer, the cashier asked 2 ladies to go there. A Malay man(actually he was quite tall so maybe he is an American)told the cashier off for asking the 2 ladies to go there instead of me. "He's been waiting so long, you should call him instead...."At first I thought the cashier ignored but after a few times she asked me to come. In case that man is reading my blog now, I would like to thank him for helping me.
Today was the last HAN language lesson. Lao Shi read a passage which was touching:
One father had came back from work. His son came to him and asked him how much he earned in an hour and if it was $20. As the father was angry with his boss, he asked angrily why he needed to ask and that it was $20. The son calmly replied that he needed $10. The father said that he worked very hard and that he knew that the son wanted to buy some more toys to play with. The son was sad and went to his room.(maybe I'm being a bit wordy)The father later thought that he was being too fierce with his son, so he went to his son's room and gave him the $10 dollars. The son, from under his pillow, took out another $10. The father got angry again and asked why he needed the money when he already had it.(And.......the touching part!!!)the son said that he now had $20 dollars and he wanted to buy one hour of his father's work time so that they could eat dinner together. The father stood there, dumbfounded.