Thursday, 24 April 2008

stress!!!!My little BAD brother

Today, when I returned home, I did my usual routine of showering and went up stairs to revise my work as tomorrow is my zuo wen. I then did what mummy wanted until she went to daddy's study room to talk to gege about.............Then, nic nic did the thing Nobody in the family would EVER EVER do. He typed F*** (uncensored)on mummy's MSN chat with one of her friends. Mummy scolded him and made him write the sentence 'I will never use vulgarity again' for fifty times. However, he only wrote six times of it in the book and he also drew a smiley face on the front cover at the 'Name' place. Hope he will learn his lesson not to use vulgarities again.

Friday, 18 April 2008


Today,Axel and I caught 2 caterpillars in a container Axel brought from home.we fed it lots and lots of leaves before storing them in my pitch black(when door is closed)locker with rock hunting and insect hunting equipment.Then Ms Tan brought us to the computer lab cos the other class' have oral.I played restauraunt empire for the first half an hour,and zoo empire for the other.Monday is gonna be great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Axel and I now catch bugs on days that rained before recess and get our shoes all muddy and filthy.Anyway,Axel caught a caterpillar and we gave it lots of leaves before the weekend last week.Instead of getting a half decomposed caterpillar,it got bigger!But the sad part is that we left it at the pond in school and it got fried.And when I mean fried,I mean fried.Well,I won't be so mean,ok?Lets just say it turned black colour.Up till now,we hav'nt found a replacement

Monday, 14 April 2008

I am stressed out!!!!!!!!!!

The exam s for SA1 are coming and I still am not so good at my chinese. so mummy said we had to do a comprehension every day till exams are over. I am nervous because my oral and chinese oral is this very week!!!!!! arrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!I just read chinese books out loud to mummy just now before I wrote this.And next week(i think)will be my exams already!!!!!!!.