Thursday, 28 February 2008

CA1 IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!rock hunting with my best pal

YAHOO!!!!!CA1 is over!!!!!yippee I'm happy!(and if you don't know whats CA its continual assessment, a ten percent exam)and i can listen to my MP3!After studying English,then Maths then Mother Tongue and last Science.Me and my friend Axel,were jumping for joy at recess time we bought our food and gobbled them up.As usual we went rock hunting.When i found a n interesting rock i took it,placed them in water in my empty green tea bottle and kept looking.When recess was over,we compared them with our rival team.We often stole rocks from each other and lied that we were in a different place at that time.The rivals expert was named Clarence.We have our own "territory" which we only find rocks in our own territory.Their area is quite boring cos' they can only find chalk there,or maybe white rocks?????I wish they would stay at their own area and not keep stealing our rocks............................

Monday, 18 February 2008

3 drawf hamsters on the internet for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today,mummy was logged on on M4M as ussual and suddenly she saw a topic on 3 baby drawf hamsters for free.Then,we SMS daddy whether we could have them and he said yes!gege and I jumped up and down shouting YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then we drew a chart on who is responsible for bathing and feeding them for each meal time.I also went to dig out the hamster book mummy bought a long time ago when I liked animals.I can't wait for them to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

my terrapin

On tuesday,at midnight,my terrapin,shadow,left me and my family.He was not afraid to see us humans unlike other terrapins.when i was bored, i usually played with him in the pond.Until he fell ill.......His shell had softened and he couldent swin well,when mummy was feeding him with my family's other two terrapins,Griffindor and Sonic,she said shadow could'nt swim very well.Mummy bought a piece of calcium in the shape of a terrapin and placed it in the water.The night before his death,mummy told me that Griffindor and Sonic had swam to him and placed their front legs on his shell,as if giving him courage and saying"come on Shadow you can fight the desease".While I was in our car,my mummy said"I think Shadows gone".When we arived at our house,I ran to the pond,and there he was,motionless.I took out one of my boxes and placed him in the box.Gege(elder brother)went to pick flowers for him.I wrote on the cover,"RIP SHADOW"
and mummy took two pictures of him.Then when nic nic(nicholas,my little brother)came home,
we walked out to sungai api api(may be wrong spelling)and buried him.Then we said some prayers and went back home.Gege did'nt even care about him.But i dont care for gege.Hes like so nerdy and only cares about our LCD T.V.,Computer, PS2 and GameBoy.A few days later,I told him he did'nt care for him.Then we arguid,"you know why i laugh at you?because you cry so funny!HAHAHA!"Then i could'nt control myself,"SHUT UP nerd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"He fell silent,pulled his blanket over him and then slept.Uptil now i still cry about Shadow...