Thursday, 30 July 2009

Today we went to the science lab to see specimen slides under our microscopes. But all everyone wanted to see was the human sperm smear so you can say their all sickos. So after school there was hockey practice and Coach selected me to be in the team so I was kinda happy. Now Daddy has something to be proud of and not be so happy about Ge Ge being a prefect.
When Mummy brought me home I told her and she said wow. Then when we came home Mummy showed the MP3 that she got me for my birthday.A Sony Walkman MP3. Red in colour and it is so cool man!!!!

I just went to eat Thai food for my dinner. And it was when I ate my stuffed chicken wing. I then knew why it was called stuffed. Inside was corn, lettuce,peas and other veges. Then I regretted not protesting against Daddy eating Thai food. I could have been eating Rib-eye steak but ate a chicken wing stuffed with veg. So from that moment I had the feeling that Thai people think chickens lay vegetables instead of eggs that's why they call that plant eggplant. Just joking! Don't take me seriously cos in school I'm a little bit of a joker.


I just had a cramp. In my thigh. It was so damned painful!!!!!! Arrgh! But this isn't the first time I got a cramp. The muscle tightens and it hurts like crazy!!!!!!

Well, Mummy doesn't want to get Realplayer anymore because it goes into the hard drive and takes all the videos and converts them into Realplayer's videos. So I can't get the songs I like and I really wanted them.

But I already gotten some songs from the Media Player.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Today at school I went to talk to Nigel like I always do. But me and Axel are still fighting and calling each other vulgarities. Axel's like 6kg heavier than me but he calls me fat. What a dope. He's a complete idiot man. His whole family is! His grandfather was a baboon!

Anyway Mummy's sad over Grandpa. She says she feels so helpless in the current situation. I too feel helpless. Cos the Chemotherapy is only to extend his time here.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today I woke up but I didn't feel tired at all. That's pretty much because I slept at about 8.30 something cos I had a damn headache. Yesterday Jiu Jiu changed our air-con with our study rooms cos that one is Way colder then ours cos its longer and more powerful. And me and Andrew started our new Chinese tuition and we do it in an air-con room! Woohoo!..... And the amount of homework is okay too!

Today Mrs Soon didn't come so we were all happy because we would have lesser homework and lesser scoldings from the teachers. Anyway I forgot if I told you guys but Axel's mum called me bad company. But today I told her that if Axel was good why was he seeing the principal in her office. I'm not scared of her, cos believe me I've fought with tons of people before. And I don't care if they get hurt or what because they ALWAYS start it.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yesterday I couldn't sleep so I just kept the light on and looked at the ceiling. At around 1:30am I fell asleep after offing the light. When I woke up the suns rays infiltrated my eyes and stung my eyeballs. I went to watch TV and then ate Oreo and drank Milo. Then we went to do work, after that Me and Mummy went to buy another hamster wheel cos Brownie's wheel had broke. But the shop was closed so instead of exchanging it we bought a new one. I like the fighting fish cos 1. it looks beautiful and 2. they are rough and tough. So i'll save my pocket money until it reaches $15. So I'll have to wait about three weeks before my savings are enough. Anyway today Xiao GuZang brought us to the Kid's Kampong to catch fish. We caught lots and they're in the old fish tank.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Today at school we had hockey and the boys and girls practised together because of the stupid rain. Then there was this crazy Indian idiot who kept on shouting and screaming. But don't think I hate Indians or WHAT because I had an Indian friend before OK? I just kept told him to bloody damn shut up. But that idiot of course didn't listen. So he got an earful from coach when he didn't do the drills properly. Serves him right. Tomorrow I'm going to N's house to play with him our PSPs. He wants to challenge me in Ace Combat X. Because Mummy doesn't allow me to play the PSP i had to strike a deal with her which is eating Veges everyday. So its kinda lame that I have to eat Veges cos' I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE x10000 veg! They make me want to vomit. And I have to do Chinese work for her everyday too. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Nigel calls me almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hes probably bored cos' his brother is like five years apart from him. But his mum doesn't keep his PSP on weekends or lock the com like MUMMY DOES. And when I told him hes so lucky, he said"so?its only an electronic device what! no biggy" Yeah right man. Every weekend he plays like crazy till like 11 pm and then goes to sleep. I know cos' one night he called and said he was bored. So i said go play your PSP and he said oh yeah and i hung up.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Today at recess I kinda pissed Clarence off just cos I punched him in the arm as a joke. I thought it was funny. He didn't. But the point is that Clarence punches me and kicks me EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!! And I don't retaliate at all. Cos' even if hes a little smaller than me, I can see he acts like a gangster. He even bullies Axel man!!!! So what can I do?!?!?!?! So when we all were waiting for Mdm Lee to come, he started attacking me. He threw this eraser which hit my leg. I threw it back. But it flew onto Batrisha instead. She then tossed it onto Clarence. So now it was war. After I threw some rubbish into the bin, when I turned to look at him again, I saw an eraser hurling towards me at about 11km per hour. I tell you man that guy has a real swing in that arm. I swear to god and everyone. But unfortunately it hit right on my right eye. At first, I was paralyzed. Then the pain begun. My bloody eye stung like HELL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I covered it with my hand and covered my face. And then kicked the door open so hard, the teacher from 5/4 went to see what was happening. I washed my face for like twenty minutes and then went back to the class. Then Clarence apologised cos I was going to tell Mdm Lee. But I didn't care about him. I just told him"sorry, not interested". So I told Mdm Lee and she said that he was gonna have to stay back after class.

After school me and Mummy went to IKEA to look for her stuff. I ate their pasta and meatballs. I tell you their Swedish meatballs are so damn good. Mummy ate Grilled Chicken which was also fantastic. Well, to me, that is. After that we went to look around and see the furniture. But the part we all look forward to is the "what you see, what you get" part were they sell things as cheap as 50% off. We bought a side cupboard which Mummy is gonna use for her computer scanner and printer.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Yesterday when we went to Taekwondo, Coach Jeffrey told me that I had failed my Grading. I was angry. Not that I had failed, but because I had wasted Mummy's money. She said that on the grading day, which was two weeks ago, I had not been aggressive enough to pass. This is my first time failing though. But Coach Jeffrey said I could try out Poom belt first. But it was tough man.......... I even vomited out the chicken I had for dinner. Of course it was in the toilet. Then Ma'am told me to rest until class ended.

Today at school me and the guys I usually hang out with(ie. Nigel, Kelvin, Clarence..etc etc) played with coins. Whoever managed to knock the other coins all off the table took all. Me and 999(Nigel) VS Clarence N Kelvin. We won easily but of course we only play with 10 cents. so twenty cents more pocket money for me cos 999 also dropped off the table. Haha. Sundays my birthday so people please say happy birthday to me. Haha

Monday, 13 July 2009

On Sat. me and all the p5 pupils went to NDP full dress rehersal. If you look in the papers on TODAY, I'm not sure its todays or yesterdays but there was a short article about it. Coming to the end it started pouring and almost everyone got wet. Me and Nigel threw away our raincoats so you could say we deserved it. Anyway my friends picture is on

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Today was the same thing like the rest. What I know is that school totally sucks ever since they changed the teachers for almost every subject. It's getting kinda boring though. Today I ate a bowl of rice + 2 pieces of chicken from Rice Bowl. As I said, its getting boring. Cos' when I'm in school i wish I was at home, when in school i wish I was at home................. *****!!!SIGH!!!*****