Monday, 2 November 2009

Today was English paper and i guess i did ok. But the only thing on my mind is grandpa. I still miss him and its hard to forget him. I keep telling myself that hes on a long holiday but I can't bring myself to beleiving it. Before I sat down to have dinner I said "wai gong chi" or "grandpa please eat"

Tomorrow is maths and Im not confident. My life just crumbled after he went but I still keep pretending Im OK.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Today we changed to the science lab 1 because Mdm Norsham is pregnant.

But i think Mrs Soon is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. Too bad she went to take some test or whatever. Axels been sick for quite long. And he has not come back since the thursday before the holidays.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The past few days Auntie Wati has gone back to Java. But yesterday we heard the worst news of all. Her daughter who went missing a few days before she went back was found dead. I feel so sorry for her. She lost her father when she was young, her husband and now her daughter. Mummy said that some people's lives are very 'poor thing' and that theres nothing that can help it. Auntie is coming back on sunday and I will try to do something to cheer her up.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

On monday my CL teacher gave me my chinese results and I passed. But I'm not happy cos I didn't get B and get a PSP daddy promised me. So next SA2 I'm gonna aim for B. I'm also kinda happy that I passed and don't have to be a vegetarian. Today me and Axel fought cos he called me fat. And I called him his mothers slave. And then fists started flying and he saw stars. Clarence promised me that he'd give me his extra fighting fish but he lied and I so damned angry with him. So after school Mummy brought me to tampines street 21 to buy me a fierce red guy.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Today was English CA2 and I was kinda nervous at first but the paper turned out to be quite easy. After school I ate Nasi Lemak with Kelvin, Clarence and Nasrul. Then Nasrul said he didn't want the chicken wing. But I too did not want it, neither did the rest of the guys. So the next thing Nasrul did was unbelievable because he threw the chicken wing like a boomerang. Then Clarence used the plastic cover of the nasi lemak to carry it and kick on to the tree. And then Clarence held up his hands in "victory". That's what he called it. But Kelvin did something more unbelievable...... He drank Red Bull. He said it was an energy drink and sure enough on the can was two words:Energy Drink. When we came home I did tuition work. After finishing I made paper helicopters and put blue-tack on the bottom. It spun well and I'm gonna sell them to my DUMB classmates. Because if Nigel made quite a tidy sum of money selling ice cream stick guns that shoot limited rubber bands. But for my Helli's they can be used as torpedoes too. And I want money to buy a new soccer ball.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Today at school the stupid Daryl Lim called me some stupid "bad words" which are so kiddy man! He likes to call people names and hes very kaypoh if you know what I mean. So I called him Daryl Lim Kay Kiang. That did it. He started chasing me around. But he did'nt catch me cos at that time Kelvin came. And Daryl doesn't mess with me when Kelvins around cos Kelvin likes hitting people for no reason. But one thing I notice is that Daryl doesn't mess with me( when Kelvin is not around) when I have my hockey stick. And tomorrow I'm bringing the hockey stick tomorrow. So Daryl better watch out. Haha......

Friday, 14 August 2009

Today at school we were seperated into our groups and then started our drills. Since Syahid did'nt come, I was the leader of the group. Then I went to get a 100 plus from the drink stall before going to the classroom. When I arrived Mrs Soon was already in the class so we all remained silent. After MT, Kelvin was fooling around with my hockey stick and hit Rachel on the head and then she started crying. Since we all know Darren likes Rachel, we all teased Darren that he would cry too. Then I started this minor thing that Darren would go outside the girl's toilet and 'console' Rachel. And I gotta admit that was kinda mean. Cos the words I said were a little "colourful". So everyone, except Darren, Rachel and her friends, all had a little laugh.

After school Mummy fetched me and I ate chicken rice. Then I went to do Xiu(tuition teacher)'s homework for me which was to copy multiplications of 3(48 times) 4(64 times) and 6(72 times). So to me(no offence but....) Xiu is kinda crazy. If you know what I mean.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Today was Nazri's birthday and I was kinda angry with me cos I knew it since yesterday and I said I would get him something but i forgot to. We celebrated by playing soccer with the usual guys and girls. Almost all the girls are tomboys. The girly girls all play games by themselves so its borrrrrring. Actually not all the guys came. Only Syahid, Azri, Azmina, Batrisha, Nazri and me. Nazri's father is getting him a new soccer ball which should be bigger than the current one cos its kiddy size.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Today we went to school and like usual the same damn thing happened again. After school I went to the E-con Mini Mart and had a Iceberg cola for lunch and I know Mummy will say that I should buy proper food and stuff instead of buying sugared drinks but the amount of food in my normal meal is more than 330ml of sugared drinks. Then I went to buy the BB gun at the Mini Mart near East Vale. Then went back to school for Hockey. Then Coach scolded us for not doing more control drills than the P2. Control drill is passing the ball left and right. But on my second attempt I beat the record of 135 by 1.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Today the stupid Lao Shi let the fatso(Axel) off first for no reason at all. So i asked him, 老师,为什么你让他走先???? and he said he just let him go. I then said what????? and muttered the F word under my breath. But I don't care if he scolds me or what cos he is an idiot.

After school we went to Botak Jones to eat and I had Black Pepper Chicken with Cheese Potato and spicy fries(right) and their food is so AWESOME!!!!!!!! It's better than Astons man!!!!!! So we got a membership card for free and then we got $5 off from my NDP 09 booklet from the goodie bag and the bag is really a bag.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Today I woke up and it was snowing!(just kidding) Since we switched our air-con with the studies it's been freezing every single night! and I had to cover my blanket to my neck. We went to eat at Elias Mall and then went to see the plastic models of planes, ships, tanks and dinosaurs. It was cool man. They had models of the Navy ships that failed to "protect" us during WWII. Then we went back home and Mummy and gege went to buy lunch while me and nic played tennis. After that we played with the new Transformer toys Daddy bought us yesterday. We have Desert Tracker Ratchet, Ironhide, Demolisher and Mixmaster. Mixmaster is so awesome cos he has a cannon on top of his head and his head is movable.

Then I went to do homework from Xiu(tuition). Not so inspiring cos I had to copy three words 20 times.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Today we went to the science lab to see specimen slides under our microscopes. But all everyone wanted to see was the human sperm smear so you can say their all sickos. So after school there was hockey practice and Coach selected me to be in the team so I was kinda happy. Now Daddy has something to be proud of and not be so happy about Ge Ge being a prefect.
When Mummy brought me home I told her and she said wow. Then when we came home Mummy showed the MP3 that she got me for my birthday.A Sony Walkman MP3. Red in colour and it is so cool man!!!!

I just went to eat Thai food for my dinner. And it was when I ate my stuffed chicken wing. I then knew why it was called stuffed. Inside was corn, lettuce,peas and other veges. Then I regretted not protesting against Daddy eating Thai food. I could have been eating Rib-eye steak but ate a chicken wing stuffed with veg. So from that moment I had the feeling that Thai people think chickens lay vegetables instead of eggs that's why they call that plant eggplant. Just joking! Don't take me seriously cos in school I'm a little bit of a joker.


I just had a cramp. In my thigh. It was so damned painful!!!!!! Arrgh! But this isn't the first time I got a cramp. The muscle tightens and it hurts like crazy!!!!!!

Well, Mummy doesn't want to get Realplayer anymore because it goes into the hard drive and takes all the videos and converts them into Realplayer's videos. So I can't get the songs I like and I really wanted them.

But I already gotten some songs from the Media Player.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Today at school I went to talk to Nigel like I always do. But me and Axel are still fighting and calling each other vulgarities. Axel's like 6kg heavier than me but he calls me fat. What a dope. He's a complete idiot man. His whole family is! His grandfather was a baboon!

Anyway Mummy's sad over Grandpa. She says she feels so helpless in the current situation. I too feel helpless. Cos the Chemotherapy is only to extend his time here.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Today I woke up but I didn't feel tired at all. That's pretty much because I slept at about 8.30 something cos I had a damn headache. Yesterday Jiu Jiu changed our air-con with our study rooms cos that one is Way colder then ours cos its longer and more powerful. And me and Andrew started our new Chinese tuition and we do it in an air-con room! Woohoo!..... And the amount of homework is okay too!

Today Mrs Soon didn't come so we were all happy because we would have lesser homework and lesser scoldings from the teachers. Anyway I forgot if I told you guys but Axel's mum called me bad company. But today I told her that if Axel was good why was he seeing the principal in her office. I'm not scared of her, cos believe me I've fought with tons of people before. And I don't care if they get hurt or what because they ALWAYS start it.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yesterday I couldn't sleep so I just kept the light on and looked at the ceiling. At around 1:30am I fell asleep after offing the light. When I woke up the suns rays infiltrated my eyes and stung my eyeballs. I went to watch TV and then ate Oreo and drank Milo. Then we went to do work, after that Me and Mummy went to buy another hamster wheel cos Brownie's wheel had broke. But the shop was closed so instead of exchanging it we bought a new one. I like the fighting fish cos 1. it looks beautiful and 2. they are rough and tough. So i'll save my pocket money until it reaches $15. So I'll have to wait about three weeks before my savings are enough. Anyway today Xiao GuZang brought us to the Kid's Kampong to catch fish. We caught lots and they're in the old fish tank.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Today at school we had hockey and the boys and girls practised together because of the stupid rain. Then there was this crazy Indian idiot who kept on shouting and screaming. But don't think I hate Indians or WHAT because I had an Indian friend before OK? I just kept told him to bloody damn shut up. But that idiot of course didn't listen. So he got an earful from coach when he didn't do the drills properly. Serves him right. Tomorrow I'm going to N's house to play with him our PSPs. He wants to challenge me in Ace Combat X. Because Mummy doesn't allow me to play the PSP i had to strike a deal with her which is eating Veges everyday. So its kinda lame that I have to eat Veges cos' I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE x10000 veg! They make me want to vomit. And I have to do Chinese work for her everyday too. AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Nigel calls me almost EVERY SINGLE DAY. Hes probably bored cos' his brother is like five years apart from him. But his mum doesn't keep his PSP on weekends or lock the com like MUMMY DOES. And when I told him hes so lucky, he said"so?its only an electronic device what! no biggy" Yeah right man. Every weekend he plays like crazy till like 11 pm and then goes to sleep. I know cos' one night he called and said he was bored. So i said go play your PSP and he said oh yeah and i hung up.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Today at recess I kinda pissed Clarence off just cos I punched him in the arm as a joke. I thought it was funny. He didn't. But the point is that Clarence punches me and kicks me EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!! And I don't retaliate at all. Cos' even if hes a little smaller than me, I can see he acts like a gangster. He even bullies Axel man!!!! So what can I do?!?!?!?! So when we all were waiting for Mdm Lee to come, he started attacking me. He threw this eraser which hit my leg. I threw it back. But it flew onto Batrisha instead. She then tossed it onto Clarence. So now it was war. After I threw some rubbish into the bin, when I turned to look at him again, I saw an eraser hurling towards me at about 11km per hour. I tell you man that guy has a real swing in that arm. I swear to god and everyone. But unfortunately it hit right on my right eye. At first, I was paralyzed. Then the pain begun. My bloody eye stung like HELL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I covered it with my hand and covered my face. And then kicked the door open so hard, the teacher from 5/4 went to see what was happening. I washed my face for like twenty minutes and then went back to the class. Then Clarence apologised cos I was going to tell Mdm Lee. But I didn't care about him. I just told him"sorry, not interested". So I told Mdm Lee and she said that he was gonna have to stay back after class.

After school me and Mummy went to IKEA to look for her stuff. I ate their pasta and meatballs. I tell you their Swedish meatballs are so damn good. Mummy ate Grilled Chicken which was also fantastic. Well, to me, that is. After that we went to look around and see the furniture. But the part we all look forward to is the "what you see, what you get" part were they sell things as cheap as 50% off. We bought a side cupboard which Mummy is gonna use for her computer scanner and printer.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Yesterday when we went to Taekwondo, Coach Jeffrey told me that I had failed my Grading. I was angry. Not that I had failed, but because I had wasted Mummy's money. She said that on the grading day, which was two weeks ago, I had not been aggressive enough to pass. This is my first time failing though. But Coach Jeffrey said I could try out Poom belt first. But it was tough man.......... I even vomited out the chicken I had for dinner. Of course it was in the toilet. Then Ma'am told me to rest until class ended.

Today at school me and the guys I usually hang out with(ie. Nigel, Kelvin, Clarence..etc etc) played with coins. Whoever managed to knock the other coins all off the table took all. Me and 999(Nigel) VS Clarence N Kelvin. We won easily but of course we only play with 10 cents. so twenty cents more pocket money for me cos 999 also dropped off the table. Haha. Sundays my birthday so people please say happy birthday to me. Haha

Monday, 13 July 2009

On Sat. me and all the p5 pupils went to NDP full dress rehersal. If you look in the papers on TODAY, I'm not sure its todays or yesterdays but there was a short article about it. Coming to the end it started pouring and almost everyone got wet. Me and Nigel threw away our raincoats so you could say we deserved it. Anyway my friends picture is on

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Today was the same thing like the rest. What I know is that school totally sucks ever since they changed the teachers for almost every subject. It's getting kinda boring though. Today I ate a bowl of rice + 2 pieces of chicken from Rice Bowl. As I said, its getting boring. Cos' when I'm in school i wish I was at home, when in school i wish I was at home................. *****!!!SIGH!!!*****

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Today we had PE. I didn't expect the teacher to change but we got Mr Lim. But it's kinda good though. Hes about a thousand times better than Mr Sharif. We get to play Captains Ball, Catching and Monkey In The Middle. Today Mrs Soon, our form teacher for term 3 piled us with work. And Mdm Lee gave us only 1 page. So if you're a kid about my age you'll understand what I mean by "Mdm Lee ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!".

Monday, 29 June 2009

1st day of

Today we got to meet our new form teacher, Mrs Soon. The school's HOD of Science. I don't really like her because she has so many rules about what we need to do when she's around. Good thing though Mdm Lee is teaching us English. At Chinese I did'nt have my textbook and Lao Shi did'nt bother cos' most of us did not bring it.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Tomorrow we will be going to school again and I'm not happy about that. This holiday has been kinda short, if you know what I mean. Because like what people say, time flies when you are having fun. Although I didn't really have fun. In total this month I watched 4 movies but could have watched 5. I didn't want to to watch Transformers 2. You can call me stupid for not going but believe me. I've had my share of nighttime trillers. Dad told me he'd bring me to watch it in the afternoon when he comes back from the US. I've got insomnia again though.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Next week school is gonna start and They aren't gonna suspend it for H1N1. Anyway allot of things happened at the beginning of the holidays. Before it started, on 20 something may, Daddy found out I had failed Chinese again. He was SO furious he threw me out. I sat outside the gate sobbing. Things started going through my mind...... like why was I born into this family and why I was so unlucky and why I failed Chinese. I wiped away my tears, I wanted to run away and never go back. But just then Grandpa came and asked me what the heck I was doing sitting on the dirty pavement. On hearing his voice, I burst into tears. How could I leave? He was in a bad state with cancer and if I ran away what would happen? Total misery in the whole extended family. They'd be so shocked. I told him that dad wanted me out of the house. He asked me to come in but I said no. Dad went out for awhile and came back and talked to me.
But let's put the past behind us. Now I do a 50-word journal in chinese and a summary of 我报 My Paper in written chinese.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


Today was just average....... Yesterday Me and Dad went to watch Angels And Demons. I actually thought there were supposed to be angels flying around fighting demons but nope, I was wrong. We watched it from 9:15 to 11:45pm. So I woke up at coming 10am. At around 9 nic came and disturbed me for awhile but I pushed him aside.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Today was the chinese exam. It was quite hard. After exam Kelvin told me he didn't want to be friends with me just because I talked to the dog. So in my mind I said ok lor and then kept quiet about it. After school me and Kelvin and Clarence took the bus to the Interchange. When crossing the road, Kelvin dashed across the road. And left me and Clarence in the rain while I was trying the stupid foldable umbrella. So we got half soaked up. When I came home, I had chicken rice for lunch. Then I went to shower. I then went up to revise for my science paper tomorrow. Mummy says I smell like Daddy's perfume. Then she asked me if I showered in her room. I said no. But I wanted to say that if there was shampoo in the first level why the hell would I shower in her room.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Yesterday we stayed at home and nothing interesting happened. The only good thing that happened to me was that I could sleep peacefully.
Today we went to eat Tim Sum breakfast with Xiao Gu Gu, Xiao Gu Zang and Ethan. Abby didn't come because she had to go to church.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Remember how I said I couldn't sleep in my December post? Well last night it got me again. Mummy told Daddy that I have Insomnia. It's really not that I'm nervous about today's exam. Anyway today we had SA1 english but I'm a little confident.
Mummy finally bought Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. But only after exams then will I be able to read it........DARN...........

Monday, 11 May 2009

Yesterday Daddy brought us to watch X-Men Origins:Wolverine. Some parts were funny and some were dead serious. We came back near midnight and went to bed.

Today when I woke up I wanted to slack till afternoon but I couldn't . I was just too energetic. I ate breakfast of cake and went to the 3rd floor to do revision. Mummy asked me to do a test paper and revise on science. It was just sooooooooooooooooooooooo BORING!!! I'd blast my brains out if I had a gun!!!!!!

Friday, 8 May 2009

Yesterday a few people didn't come and some went home in the middle of class. At recess, Darren pissed me and Kelvin off. So we set a trap to get our revenge. I chased Kelvin in the direction of Darren and he would push Darren. But Darren found out and ran. But too bad for him. Kelvin used a soccer trick and stuck out his leg to trip Darren. He didn't really do a good job in hiding his trip though.... Darren fell but he didn't cut or bruise himself at all man! He went to a corner and sobbed for a while but we went to cheer him up. But when we went away I couldn't help but laugh behind the wall. You might say I'm cruel and shouldn't have planned this whole thing but he pissed me off first right?! Hes an IDIOT. He acts so tough but hes the shortest and second youngest in class.

Today at Floor ball we played Hockey instead. This year they combined the two sports together. I still prefer Floor ball since its easier to control. At class Clarence told me that if I wanted to be on the team then I had to be serious when playing the game. He also teached me how to shoot and dribble the ball. Recently I haven't been talking to Axel. Hes been talking to the dog(Darryl Lim). Why I call Darryl that? Because he always does stupid stuff to humiliate or get us into trouble. So I sang the most popular song between Clarence, Axel, Darryl, Kelvin and me. You know the song on TV that says:Yesterday.... All my friends went out to play......... You know that one?? We have our own version....:Yesterday......Axel's LJ fly away. Hee Hee....... You don't need to know what is LJ......Hee.....

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Yesterday we did filing in school. I hate filing. Your table will be in a mess and you will be in a hurry when the teacher is barking out orders on how to file the worksheets. At night when I was showering, I spotted a baby lizard on the ceiling. I was afraid it would fall so I placed the sponge directly below it. And I was right. I slipped and fell onto the sponge and crawled near the drain. But luckily it was too big for it to slip down. I grabbed it gently and placed it in the empty shampoo bottle for a while. I put on my clothes and picked it out again. I released it in the garden outside and hoped it would survive to live to a ripe old age.
Today we had the jabs. It was on both arms. It was pain when the needle pierced the skin at first but it subsided after a while. We also had to take 2 very bitter droplets of medicine for Polio.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

On 30th April 2009...... A BMW sped down the road. When he reached the turn, he swerved right... but it was too late. He smashed into the wall of the bungalow 511 and 511A. His car was stuck in the drain but he was fortunate to be able to climb out. Soon, a crowd had gathered to look. A bus even slowed down to let the passengers see the wreck. Soon an ambulance arrived. I heard him ask the paramedics,"do I have to lie on a stretcher?""yes you do" she answered. Bits of the cement and rock were scattered on the porch of 511A. The windscreen wiper was flung onto the road. Mummy wipped out her phone to snap pictures. We later went back home to sleep.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Today Mdm Norsham was mad at us because some of us did'nt do our work. She created this rule that everyday we must revise at home and we need parent's signature on our handbook. And then today we were piled with homework. So later I'm gonna do some more before I go to eat dinner. Daddy has finally got his BMW convertable but I'm not soo goo goo ga ga over it. Hes collecting it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Today I had my chinese compo. It's hard since I forgot to bring a dictionary along. After that the stupid Mdm Norsham kept us in 10 mins for recess for nothing. So after eating I just sat around watching people running around. Tomorrow is listenning compre but I'm confident about it. Later I'll have my piano and Uncle Sune and Auntie Mai are going back to Sweden.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Yesterday we went to auntie Jen's house since it was raining cats and dogs at East Coast Park and we had planed to have a picnic there. We had spaghetti with tomato sauce. After the rain stopped, we we went down to the void deck to play outdoor activities. I rode on the bike for awile. I saw a lizard with it's head chopped off. I also saw a black cat with patches of brown on its fur. It was a stray cat and it was hungry. Then a guy whose cat was also at the void deck, looked at it for a awile too. When we went back to auntie Jen's house, I picked jairus' Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid #3. I read until page 170 and then we had to go home.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A few weeks ago I had my P5 camp. On the first day we did some ice-breaking activities. And then we went to General Stations. The next day we did Zipline or Flying Fox like what ge ge calls it. It was kinda scary cos' the ground just comes to you. I had some close calls when some scared team mates came up and were asked to go first.

This afternoon we had ICAS computer skills which is compulsary for all P5 students. I'm not a computer geek so it was quite hard for me. Yesterday we had english oral. The passage was easy but the picture had so little things to say. My examiner was Ms Lim, ge ge's P6 form teacher and my floorball asst coach. And there was another examiner though.... Mummy just gave us a scolding about us doing stupid stuff when we were supposed to do our homework. It started when ge ge drew a picture of a naked woman (sick right?) and changed it into a dog's face. Kinda dumb so I called him a sicko. And then mummy was at it. My homework is some Maths (Ratio) and compo correction. But at least I WAS doing my corrections! Anyway I'm gonna go on a diet.Soon....................

Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Today I took bus to school. Actually it's been a few days but today I beat Kelvin and Darren. So I sat in front. But that annoying Kenny and Nasrul always go in front even if their late. Nasrul is damn annoying. He's a low life and thinks he's supposed to be treated with royalty. What a loser. Tomorrow is the day the computer worm/virus is sent out to infect Microsoft Windows computers(not that I'm stating that Microsoft computers are weak against viruses). So mummy said no computer for the next few days. Anyway their going to Melbourne tonight at 7:30. So I'll be alone at home and bored for the next few days. Mummy's getting me a new bag and a display boomerang there. A boomerang to play with might return and smack me right in the head and.....Ouch. Next we're having NAFA. Mummy is packing her bag now.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


On wednesday we went for taekwondo and instuctor Jeffrey said we were going for our grading. I never was so happy in my life! I'm finally going to my brown belt gradings! Yesterday Mdm Norsham gave us maths homework to do and it was alot! So after this I'm gonna do it. Daddys trying to book the tennis court at seletar so we can play tennis tomorrow. I don't really understand the questions.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today at chinese lesson, we did a graph on how different we are from eskimos. My group currently has the most points(not that I'm bragging). This is probably the 4th day since Rachel was kicked from Higher Mother Tongue into our class. At the last lesson in the Science Lab, Clarence took some baby powder and threw it on my pants. They turned white and I had difficulties sweeping them of my pants. I was so damn pissed off. I did'nt care if some P1's passed the lab, I did'nt care if I got scalded by the hot water from the experiment, because it was'nt Matthew that was in the class, it was Emo. After school I went to eat at Central. So sad Grand Chase expires April.

Friday, 6 March 2009

chinese results

Today our mother tongue results for CA1 were revealed. I had failed by 14 marks. I wasn't surprised that I had failed. I didn't study hard enough. Anyway I wasn't the last in class, Justin had gotten 11/90. I've told mummy and she didn't scold or cane me. My chinese teacher has changed and she asked for both signatures of both parents. Darn. I hate it when I tell daddy that I've failed.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

english results

Yesterday we got our English results.I had scored 78/100.Not so good for mummy.When I told Clarence that mummy wouldn't be too pleased about my results, he told me" you don't want your paper then exchange with me La!Anyway you also got the best marks what".Even if mummy wasn't pleased with my results,I still had my com time.

Friday, 27 February 2009

english paper

Today was English paper. I'd range it 7 on 10. Quite easy but allot of errors. Then went to recess. I gobbled up my rice and fried fish then went to play soccer at the field. The field quite weird cos' the grass one day is yellow one day is green. I got stuck with keeper role and just waited there. I could sleep the whole recess. Cos' kelvin always scores and even the P6 cannot beat him. He is a pro in soccer. Today went to tuition by bus. Saw a guy on bus 39 with a t-shirt that said: Support MAN U. HATE ARSENAL AND LIVERPOOL FC. Lol.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Today at recess I played soccer as usual but Nazri's mother forbade to bring his ball. So me and Hadi ran to borrow a ball from the school. Then he went of to play with those 5/5, 5/4 and some 5/3 pupils. So there was only Ernest, Nazri, Patricia, Kelvin and Me left plus a few more. When it was close to the end of recess, Kelvin kicked the winning goal.... but it struck a P6 guy in his abdomen. When I mentioned Kelvin, he isn't from Singapore or a p5 pupil. He told us that he was a secondary 3+ pupil in Vietnam. So imagine the force on the guy's abdomen. He was sprawled on the roasted yellowish grass groaning in pain. But Kelvin didn't give a heck, he continued and kicked the ball into the goal post. After recess we did some filling of English, maths and science. It was a total mess on the table, worksheets, pencils, erasers and pens everywhere.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A few days ago I was appointed health monitor in the class which is a good thing. But Rachel is the health monitress which is a bad thing. So to make things easier(for me), she collected small fruity veggie cards while I collected big ones(you can get a big one if you exchange it for 10 small ones). And she agreed! Wonder why shes so dumb to accept that deal. At recess I couldn't find Darren again. . Maybe its because hes too short so I couldn't see him.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

little boy 3

Today I saw the little boy again and he was on his little bike. Tirell didn't go for his remedial lesson. I didn't know why. Tomorrow I'm going to Nazri's house to do our art project. We thought of doing a battle carrier in the sea but it was too troublesome to make a fighter jet.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Today was any other day.At MT, I borrowed an E-dictionary from Axel, when he claimed it, he stepped on my water bottle(my bottle is a NIKE bottle)and it splattered water all over my table. Those who saw it said "orrrrrrrrrrr" then when my stupid lao shi saw he said"wah!ni wu nian ji hai tou niao?" or "wah! you P5 still piss on the floor?" I stuttered that it was Axel that stepped on my bottle but my words where drowned by their laughter. Only Melvin satyed by my side and told Axel to go away. That moment was when I knew who my real friends were.

Monday, 9 February 2009

After eating lunch, i went to the hall to play catching. At recess when we played in the group,most of them would chase me,but at the hall noone would chase me.Then we went to class for literacy plus.After class I thought I would have time to look for the little boy but mummy was already waiting for me.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

little boy 2

Today I saw the little boy again at the playground. He was accompanied by his maid and his pet dog,Muffin. He probably didn't recognise me cos' when I said hi he didn't reply. He only recognised Tirell cos' that was the fourth time Tirell saw him. When I saw him before I took the bus home I said to him"OK, gor gor need to go home now, OK? bye bye!" He replied "bye bye gor gor"

Monday, 2 February 2009

little boy 1

Today was my first day of literacy plus. Didn't enjoy cos' the teacher wouldn't allow us to go to the toilet for one and a half hour. After class I went to the playground with Tirell. We saw a toddler there and even though he was a stranger, we played with him. Then Tirell's mother came, she offered me to use her handphone to call mummy. After that she offered me some cod fish sticks. I liked that little boy, his mum didn't seem to mind me playing with him.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

another day

Yesterday celebrated CNY and played FIFA 09 on WII. Could'nt sleep cos' too much activity in brain. Today at chinese lesson XL teased me and said i liked someone. So at recess I teased him back. Then when I was talking to Xavier, he came from behind and pushed me. Our heads collided. It felt as if my skull cracked. When I came back to reality, Xavier, Clarence and I hit him in the stomach. I'm now playing Smiley Wars. My bruise still hurts.

Monday, 5 January 2009

going back to school

Today is the second day of school. I'm gaining confidence in finding friends. Although daddy and mummy keep telling me that at primary school you don't find friends that understand you truly. I've got a teacher who says she's been teaching for coming to 17 years and that she's taught a psycho child who uses the sharp edge of a pencil to poke other children's neck. Mrs Cheong is teaching 5/5 and I see her often. I'm playing my usual soccer with my previous class mates and having a little fun. Daddy says when I'm in secondary years I'll find a true friend.