Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Before I was on the computer, I notice grandfather's feet had one side perfectly normal and the other had skin peeling off. a few days ago, mummy went to see a medical social worker. He said that we should slowly feed grandfather with information and then let him find out what he has. My cousin, Seth, is trying to help by selling his scooter and it's even published in The New Paper. I feel useless not able to help but I'm one of his grandchildren and not his child. I hope when he finds out and takes medication, he'll be able to do things normally. His coughing also makes us hurt deep down inside.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


One night when we were playing with our toys,mummy told us not to tell nic nic about this: our granfather had cancerous cells in him. He was the only grandfather I ever saw and I was losing him already. I cried apon hearing that. Daddy's father had gone when he was only 10 years old. Even if I beg god to let him live longer, he would'nt. Nature has it's ways of living. Now I regret treating him like a stranger when I was younger. We all try not to cry in front of him as we try not to break the news to him now. Then a few days later, ge ge told me that grandfather terminal cancer. I cried. Will we all see him happy after telling him and getting him through the treatment? Or will we all miss him? If I don't have enough time to say this I'll say it now.....
GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Goodbye,forever,my dear friend.....

I woke up today lazing in bed, I changed up into my usual clothes and went down. After ge ge went of to his tuition, I went to play with my hamsters. First, to check if they were healthy, I blew at them. Theodore instantly got up and went to dig at the wood shavings. Simon was a different story, he lay on the ground of their toilet, stiff and not moving. I picked him up, then the thought of death went to my head. Nic Nic cried and I responded too. "Don't leave me Simon!!!!!!! If you want to go, go after my exams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!!!!" after sobbing and snapping to ourselves. we placed him in a shoebox. After my tuition, I came back and composed a song for him:
Wherever you go, I will follow,
wherever you are, I will remember.
Whatever you say, I will listen,
till nightfall you depart and leave forever.
When sun comes out,
and announces a new day.
you leave us to the netherworld,
and leaving us in dismay.
Now when I remember,
tears trickle down my face.
making me a fool,
a fool of disgrace.
May you leave with peace
my friend,I will be fine without you.
Now that you are gone,
our friendship line is torn.
May you find my grandparents,
and leave with a happy life.
In the netherworld you will
find them,along with your dear brother.
Now that this is ending,
all I want to hear from you
the last thing I want to hear from you
is your beautiful squeak
The last thing I want to say to him is the simple word goodbye.