Saturday, 11 October 2008

good bye Theodore

He was well and running around in the morning. Then when the sun came out, his life faded into total darkness in his sleep. When I was feeding the group, and when I saw him, I started shouting his name. I did not believe he was dead. Fighting the truth, I broke down in tears. I finally decided to face the truth, he was dead.We placed him in a box carved in a (sort of) coffin shape and I cut some flowers for him to smell better in heaven. Tonight mummy will bury him near sungei api api.Daddy also will be flying off to Barcelano, Spain.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Ghost or technical problem

Today was a normal day. We went to school and did work which was handed out. At recess I rushed to eat my food and then went to go and play.Then after that we went back to class and did corrections for mock papers. Then I went to the toilet and the tap was running on its own.I usually saw it often but it kept running and running and running on and on.I was spooked out of my wits.But when I entered,the sensor detected me and the lights went on.As soon as the lights went on, the tap switched off.Maybe it was just my imagination.