Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Today I took bus to school. Actually it's been a few days but today I beat Kelvin and Darren. So I sat in front. But that annoying Kenny and Nasrul always go in front even if their late. Nasrul is damn annoying. He's a low life and thinks he's supposed to be treated with royalty. What a loser. Tomorrow is the day the computer worm/virus is sent out to infect Microsoft Windows computers(not that I'm stating that Microsoft computers are weak against viruses). So mummy said no computer for the next few days. Anyway their going to Melbourne tonight at 7:30. So I'll be alone at home and bored for the next few days. Mummy's getting me a new bag and a display boomerang there. A boomerang to play with might return and smack me right in the head and.....Ouch. Next we're having NAFA. Mummy is packing her bag now.

Saturday, 28 March 2009


On wednesday we went for taekwondo and instuctor Jeffrey said we were going for our grading. I never was so happy in my life! I'm finally going to my brown belt gradings! Yesterday Mdm Norsham gave us maths homework to do and it was alot! So after this I'm gonna do it. Daddys trying to book the tennis court at seletar so we can play tennis tomorrow. I don't really understand the questions.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today at chinese lesson, we did a graph on how different we are from eskimos. My group currently has the most points(not that I'm bragging). This is probably the 4th day since Rachel was kicked from Higher Mother Tongue into our class. At the last lesson in the Science Lab, Clarence took some baby powder and threw it on my pants. They turned white and I had difficulties sweeping them of my pants. I was so damn pissed off. I did'nt care if some P1's passed the lab, I did'nt care if I got scalded by the hot water from the experiment, because it was'nt Matthew that was in the class, it was Emo. After school I went to eat at Central. So sad Grand Chase expires April.

Friday, 6 March 2009

chinese results

Today our mother tongue results for CA1 were revealed. I had failed by 14 marks. I wasn't surprised that I had failed. I didn't study hard enough. Anyway I wasn't the last in class, Justin had gotten 11/90. I've told mummy and she didn't scold or cane me. My chinese teacher has changed and she asked for both signatures of both parents. Darn. I hate it when I tell daddy that I've failed.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

english results

Yesterday we got our English results.I had scored 78/100.Not so good for mummy.When I told Clarence that mummy wouldn't be too pleased about my results, he told me" you don't want your paper then exchange with me La!Anyway you also got the best marks what".Even if mummy wasn't pleased with my results,I still had my com time.