Tuesday, 25 May 2010

5 more days and I'm outta here. I promised my friends I'd continue to blog and face book . I'm not sure bout blogger in china but in china face book is BANNED. Who gives a damn. There's a website that allows face book. I'm sure ill cry. Cos of 2 things. 1. I'm gonna miss her. 2. I'm gonna miss the food here. Ha has. So sian. Today went to celebrate Nigel and Sherlene's in-advance birthday. It was kinda cool. Cos The people I don't like weren't there to piss me or her off. Getting irritated by them is worse than Changi Prison canning.

Till here........ for now...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

welcome to sadness, misery and anger. or in short, life

On thursday night i got mum to sign my maths paper. I failed and got 41/100. Before she signed it i got scolded by dad. And then it was mums turn to scold me. She said that if rachel was affecting my studies then she would get ms fadillah to get her parents number and what ever shit. I wasnt really listening bcos mum cant stop me from liking her. Noone can. The next day mum said she was sorry about what she said that day. I didnt really get angry that day. just a little pissed off thats all. Mum said that we were still only P6 and that our relationship may not last forever. I was thinking at that time. If it may last forever, why stop it from becoming more of a reality? You keep restricting me. Why???
What's the most common word used in singapore? I'll tell you. Its the F word. Everyday i hear it. Whether it comes from my angry classmates or a pissed off guy at the interchange. The word f*** has been used so many times it has lost its meaning. Which is what Andrew said. He said singaporeans should have higher class. And he used the word : sneeveling piece of plato- whatever. I'm not surprised he learned it from his speech and drama teacher.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Yesterday the famous (or not) John Coutis came to our school. The thing that makes him famous(or not) is 1. he is a famous motivational speaker and 2. he has only his torso. But what i am happy when he came is that he gave us a very touching speak and he also gave me a thing to call Kenny(remember the reeeeeeeeally irritating guy?). When Mr. Coutis was young he had this best friend called Kenny. And Kenny was disabled too. He was stuck in a electric wheelchair and could'nt talk. So he used an electric wheelchair with its joystick at his chin since he could'nt move his arms. And whenever he sneezed he would go straight into the brick wall. The thing we can tease Kenny with was that Mr Coutis's friend needed someone to help him go to the toilet. And today Kenny didn't come and i don't think he's sick......

Today had spicy chips on the way home and spaghetti for lunch. Had to stay back during recess to finish corrections for Mrs Soon and was so tired i could'nt open my eyes during Chinese lesson. So I slept for 5 mins. Then after school went to get the chips and a big gulp at 7 eleven. But gonna stop getting big gulp cos i always have stomach ache when i get it.

Till here.........for now....

Monday, 26 April 2010

hey people

Some times i feel a little too ignored. Like when Nic got his Lego. And some times i feel just a little too pampered.
Just doing my work on the problemsums.com. Don't really know why the school has to keep changing the homework website. I was ok with the first one. Sorry, can't remember the name.
Have a crush on someone. Sorry people. Can't tell. Lot's of people in my class already guessed it though. Feel so bored when i'm not sitting in front of her. Can't joke with her or any thing when Ms Fadillah says something sarcastic. Not gonna tell you anything else though. Unless you bribe me........ I'm just kidding
Today had chinese spelling. And i don't really study. Yeah, I remember what i said in the last post. But I need to focus on Math first. Bcos i can go to Europe or America. Just kidding. America is full of ............ and i don't really fancy living in Europe cos the money there cost alot of Singapore dollars. Where I wanna live is in New Zealand. Heard there's alot of sheep and not many people. Plus they're asking for people to live there too. And I think its cool to live in a house which is eco friendly, runs on solar power, has a lake where people can go fishing nearby and has its own farm. Yeah, my dream house. Away from the dirty city where theres pollution everywhere.
But of course that could be just a dream. Unless i work hard now and save enough money to get one of those, that will just be a dream.
Till here people, and forget about the bribing......... :)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The JERK i am

Today i stayed in during recess because i had to take a retest for my science test. Not because i failed badly but because Mrs Soon wanted all students who had not gotten full marks to take a retest. And I had forgotten to bring my paper. So i ended up being scolded by her.
She asked me if anything was bothering me and i said that mum was going to shanghai tomorrow night and i suddenly felt like i was gonna miss her. I don't know how to explain though but i feel like I'm gonna miss her when she goes. So she said the more i miss her the more i should work hard and when PSLE is over i can proudly show her my results and prove myself that i could do it and i did it because i love mum. I said OK.
I thought about what she said when i ran down the stairs. I really felt like a jerk. i had been making all my past teachers angry by not handing in my work on time. And what makes things worse is that the teachers didn't give up on me but focused on me more. And i didn't even give a damn. Even Clarence handed in his work on time.
When mum came home i told her i was gonna wake up. Not get out of bed you brainless ninny. But start studying and revising my work diligently, not for the sake of reading but because i wanted to. I did my late homework and tomorrow I'm gonna hand in my work.
Today during social studies Ms Fadillah said my hair looked like a fork. Just because my hair sticks together in parts when wet. And today Darryl Lim came back to class from his suspension for cutting a girl with a rusty nail. That girl wasn't really injured or infected and she still comes to school.
I don't think i mentioned it, but we got 5th for the floor ball tournament. While we were out of the hockey tournament in the first quarter. I think Ms Lim was disappointed, and maybe Mrs Chua too. Because this is the first time Casuarina was kicked out of the tournament in the first quarter. When i the umpire blew the full time whistle i knew my hope of getting at least top 4 in the tournament was over. Everyone was disappointed. Especially me. I took one ball from my team mate and started whacking it against the wall. While the others went to have a friendly match with the other team. All i can say is that i don't really have that much sportsmanship. But eventually i went to play with them. Then we went to the Mcdonalds next door and i fortunately had enough money to buy a large coke. And then we boarded the bus.

Until here.........for now.... :)

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

feel so damn sleepy......just woken up frm nap. sorry for bad typing. brain not fully operational. A few days ago a girl told me she liked me. I told her i wasn't interested in relationships cos with the stories told about people and how horrid they feel...... But she didn't really say anything like how nice love can be or whatever crap. maybe she thinks she can change my thinking or something.
today played soccer with my buddies and enemies. and we won( of course haha :) ). the other team were sore losers and messed the field with the basketballs left there for the next PE lesson.
trying to get new blogskin..... bye for now....

Thursday, 11 March 2010

So bored in school. Now in com lab. Doing chinese work. I think its pointless cos you also dont save it in the com and even if you do you probably come back to the com lab after a few months. Woo Hoo Mrs Soon moved me back to sit with Dog(rachel) so i canannoy her again. Azri so cold i dont want to joke with her. She so big sized im scared she'll punch me if i say something wrong haha. But one thing im not happy is that im still sitting with prawn(sheryl)cos she annoy me too.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Today we had a small test on maths angles and it wasn't that hard that i freaked out. Everything was fine until Mother Tongue when the substitute teacher came. When subs come you're supposed to celebrate the illness of your cruel teacher and hope that illness lasts very long. But then this sub likes to take videos with the crappy phone of his and show it to the principal. When we were reading he asked us to stop and he scolded two guys, Xuan Rui and Darryl Tan, because they were not reading and then later on when he asked Darryl to come to the front and answer a question, Xuan Rui told him to go when he didn't want to. So he started crying and the sub accused him of bullying Darryl. Me and some other people laughed because 1. I hate Darryl because whenever he cries he just disturbs everyone and prevents them with carrying on with their business and 2. His crying is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Call me a bully, I don't care because the last time he cried was during P.E. and we only have 2 periods a week and he wasted a quarter of it because he cried when we were playing captains ball he moved while carrying the ball. Then he cried and said he hated being accused and blah blah blah who cares. We weren't even accusing him.
Anyway i hate anybody that cries because it makes me think that person is still soooooooo childish and should be in primary one, or better yet in nursery. So if Darryl needs any help from me I'll refuse because if hes still crying like a baby he could jolly well go to another school where everyone cries. Call me evil and cold hearted but I'm just saying this in my view.

Monday, 8 February 2010

On Saturday we celebrated nic's birthday and we gave him a surprise birthday party. We closed the sliding door and pulled the curtains, then we popped the party poppers just when he opened the door. He didn't really look so surprised because he saw Ge Ge. Then we went on to fight a G-rank Daimyo Hermitaur in our game Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Then our cousins came and Nic didn't get any presents like last year when he received a remote control car, a remote control helicopter and a Lego police set. All except the Lego was thrashed. Nic ascended the helicopter so fast it smashed on the ceiling and smashed again on the floor. A piece of the rotors flew off. The car was just those types where they say its reliable on the cover and make the car's body so shiny and nice looking and they put the price sky high(for me). If I had the receipt I would have took it back to toys R us and exchange it for the money then I could go and buy a PSP game.
Anyway there is a birds nest growing at grandpa's recliner chair and grandma says it could be grandpa.
I have cough and runny nose and an ulcer growing in my throat and it hurts whenever I swallow including my saliva

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Today in school my tooth came out during mother tongue period. I spent 5 minutes washing the blood off my gums. And then got scolded for not completing my work. Anyway today is Wednesday and i hate Wednesdays because i have no sport or anything what-so-ever except for taekwondo and i hate taekwondo cos all i do there is run, run and let me think what was that again.... oh yeah.......... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm ending taekwondo after this term.
Last week and on tuesday we went to play at the tournament and we scored 11-0 against Yuhwa primary, 10-2 against Keming primary and 9-0 against Park View primary. Tomorrow we're probably going against Pasir ris primary and they have been training everyday for two weeks during the holidays.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yesterday during floorball i received my jersey. I chose number 19 since i was born on July 19th. And I was happy it fitted me. So i quikly grabbed it along with a short and socks then we continued training. After training i got myself a drink at the 7-eleven and did my homework. Then I waited til mum came. At 4 :35 it started raining. At 5:20 mum came.

Friday, 8 January 2010

I just had a lecture from mum and then I got EMO again. I was telling mum I wanted to quit Xiu's tuition but she said that my Math was too poor just Cos I failed p5 SA2 maths. I don't think she understands what it feels like having a tutor who embarrasses you. Like when I was trying to sweep an ant of my book she scolded me and dismantled my correction tape to keep the ant in there and made me find another ant in the kitchen to "accompany" that ant.

But at least at the end of every fight, quarrel, etc. etc. We're still family

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

a new year

Its a new year and it started of kind of lousy. Nigel came on 31 dec 2009 and he stayed over cos he wanted to accompany us to jurong bird park the next day. We had quite alot of fun there with all the birds flying around us at the Lory Loft. When we stopped to have a snack at snack bar me and Nigel saw a gigantic cage with a sign that said : World's Most Dangerous Animal: Homo Sapien . So I took a picture of Nigel in the cage.

Yesterday I was happy and sad cos Mrs Soon will be teaching us Science and Maths. But the form teacher, Miss Fadillah, fancies the word 'Shut up'. Great, I end up with a lousy teacher but luckily its only for English and I'm quite good at it. Even though she is a crappy teacher I'm still gonna work hard

Monday, 2 November 2009

Today was English paper and i guess i did ok. But the only thing on my mind is grandpa. I still miss him and its hard to forget him. I keep telling myself that hes on a long holiday but I can't bring myself to beleiving it. Before I sat down to have dinner I said "wai gong chi" or "grandpa please eat"

Tomorrow is maths and Im not confident. My life just crumbled after he went but I still keep pretending Im OK.