Thursday, 30 April 2009

Today Mdm Norsham was mad at us because some of us did'nt do our work. She created this rule that everyday we must revise at home and we need parent's signature on our handbook. And then today we were piled with homework. So later I'm gonna do some more before I go to eat dinner. Daddy has finally got his BMW convertable but I'm not soo goo goo ga ga over it. Hes collecting it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Today I had my chinese compo. It's hard since I forgot to bring a dictionary along. After that the stupid Mdm Norsham kept us in 10 mins for recess for nothing. So after eating I just sat around watching people running around. Tomorrow is listenning compre but I'm confident about it. Later I'll have my piano and Uncle Sune and Auntie Mai are going back to Sweden.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Yesterday we went to auntie Jen's house since it was raining cats and dogs at East Coast Park and we had planed to have a picnic there. We had spaghetti with tomato sauce. After the rain stopped, we we went down to the void deck to play outdoor activities. I rode on the bike for awile. I saw a lizard with it's head chopped off. I also saw a black cat with patches of brown on its fur. It was a stray cat and it was hungry. Then a guy whose cat was also at the void deck, looked at it for a awile too. When we went back to auntie Jen's house, I picked jairus' Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid #3. I read until page 170 and then we had to go home.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

A few weeks ago I had my P5 camp. On the first day we did some ice-breaking activities. And then we went to General Stations. The next day we did Zipline or Flying Fox like what ge ge calls it. It was kinda scary cos' the ground just comes to you. I had some close calls when some scared team mates came up and were asked to go first.

This afternoon we had ICAS computer skills which is compulsary for all P5 students. I'm not a computer geek so it was quite hard for me. Yesterday we had english oral. The passage was easy but the picture had so little things to say. My examiner was Ms Lim, ge ge's P6 form teacher and my floorball asst coach. And there was another examiner though.... Mummy just gave us a scolding about us doing stupid stuff when we were supposed to do our homework. It started when ge ge drew a picture of a naked woman (sick right?) and changed it into a dog's face. Kinda dumb so I called him a sicko. And then mummy was at it. My homework is some Maths (Ratio) and compo correction. But at least I WAS doing my corrections! Anyway I'm gonna go on a diet.Soon....................