Thursday, 19 June 2008

YAHOO!!!!!!!!!! We are gonna watch Kung Fu Panda!!!

Yay!!! Today Pa Pa NG is gonna bring us to watch Kung Fu Panda!!!!YAY!!!!!!! But nic nic isn't coming along cos' he needs to go to school. Ge ge is coming as his school ends before we go to the cinema. I've always thought we'd go to watch a movie only once in a blue moon as prices for tickets are very expensive. $10+ per person!!!!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

1 night awake

On Saturday, me and my cousins celebrated an early father's day. I drank 1 and a half can of coke. When it was time for bed, I tried sleeping but couldn't so that whole night I stayed awake. I waited till 5 am in the morning and nic nic woke up. I told him that we would go down and stay there. When we were downstairs, we played with the hamsters and then went to play. I decided to wake auntie up because she usually woke up at 5. Wrong!!! She asked us to go back to sleep and we did. There I dozed off.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

rib eye steak for 2 nights.

Yesterday we had home-made steak. It was Delicious and taste good. We had it the day before yesterday for nic nic's bonding. Daddy sugested having it again as my uncles and aunties were coming over.
I got to try carrying my cousin, Ethan, for a second try. He sat still and not like when we went to the church to praise him. His cheeks are chubby and his head is round with a little hair. Abby also wanted to play Spongebob Monopoly. After setting everything up, she said she did'nt want to play anymore. I told her if she did'nt want to play then she should keep up.

Friday, 6 June 2008

<< No Title >>

I'm so depressed. grandpa coughs so badly and I have to resist. Mummy is starting to give him information and I just act normal. Sad thing is yesterday night we forgot to off the tv and got banned from playing ps2 for 1 week. My dumb brothers quarelled and said it was one anothers fault. I'm typing now at 6:19pm and nic nic and ge ge just wasted my mp4s battery when I waited one WHOLE day for it to charge!!!!!!!!!!!
I also played with my hamsters just now. Theodore tried to bite but I pulled my hand away just in time.