Friday, 27 February 2009

english paper

Today was English paper. I'd range it 7 on 10. Quite easy but allot of errors. Then went to recess. I gobbled up my rice and fried fish then went to play soccer at the field. The field quite weird cos' the grass one day is yellow one day is green. I got stuck with keeper role and just waited there. I could sleep the whole recess. Cos' kelvin always scores and even the P6 cannot beat him. He is a pro in soccer. Today went to tuition by bus. Saw a guy on bus 39 with a t-shirt that said: Support MAN U. HATE ARSENAL AND LIVERPOOL FC. Lol.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Today at recess I played soccer as usual but Nazri's mother forbade to bring his ball. So me and Hadi ran to borrow a ball from the school. Then he went of to play with those 5/5, 5/4 and some 5/3 pupils. So there was only Ernest, Nazri, Patricia, Kelvin and Me left plus a few more. When it was close to the end of recess, Kelvin kicked the winning goal.... but it struck a P6 guy in his abdomen. When I mentioned Kelvin, he isn't from Singapore or a p5 pupil. He told us that he was a secondary 3+ pupil in Vietnam. So imagine the force on the guy's abdomen. He was sprawled on the roasted yellowish grass groaning in pain. But Kelvin didn't give a heck, he continued and kicked the ball into the goal post. After recess we did some filling of English, maths and science. It was a total mess on the table, worksheets, pencils, erasers and pens everywhere.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A few days ago I was appointed health monitor in the class which is a good thing. But Rachel is the health monitress which is a bad thing. So to make things easier(for me), she collected small fruity veggie cards while I collected big ones(you can get a big one if you exchange it for 10 small ones). And she agreed! Wonder why shes so dumb to accept that deal. At recess I couldn't find Darren again. . Maybe its because hes too short so I couldn't see him.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

little boy 3

Today I saw the little boy again and he was on his little bike. Tirell didn't go for his remedial lesson. I didn't know why. Tomorrow I'm going to Nazri's house to do our art project. We thought of doing a battle carrier in the sea but it was too troublesome to make a fighter jet.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Today was any other day.At MT, I borrowed an E-dictionary from Axel, when he claimed it, he stepped on my water bottle(my bottle is a NIKE bottle)and it splattered water all over my table. Those who saw it said "orrrrrrrrrrr" then when my stupid lao shi saw he said"wah!ni wu nian ji hai tou niao?" or "wah! you P5 still piss on the floor?" I stuttered that it was Axel that stepped on my bottle but my words where drowned by their laughter. Only Melvin satyed by my side and told Axel to go away. That moment was when I knew who my real friends were.

Monday, 9 February 2009

After eating lunch, i went to the hall to play catching. At recess when we played in the group,most of them would chase me,but at the hall noone would chase me.Then we went to class for literacy plus.After class I thought I would have time to look for the little boy but mummy was already waiting for me.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

little boy 2

Today I saw the little boy again at the playground. He was accompanied by his maid and his pet dog,Muffin. He probably didn't recognise me cos' when I said hi he didn't reply. He only recognised Tirell cos' that was the fourth time Tirell saw him. When I saw him before I took the bus home I said to him"OK, gor gor need to go home now, OK? bye bye!" He replied "bye bye gor gor"

Monday, 2 February 2009

little boy 1

Today was my first day of literacy plus. Didn't enjoy cos' the teacher wouldn't allow us to go to the toilet for one and a half hour. After class I went to the playground with Tirell. We saw a toddler there and even though he was a stranger, we played with him. Then Tirell's mother came, she offered me to use her handphone to call mummy. After that she offered me some cod fish sticks. I liked that little boy, his mum didn't seem to mind me playing with him.