Saturday, 20 September 2008


Yesterday, when I was back from school, mummy said:"I think we should bring Theodore to the vet, his back is always wet when we play with him""OK"I replied(remember Theodore?). When we went to fetch gege, we put him in Snowy's cage and went of. After that, we went to Pet Safari of East Point(somewhere near Hui Qing Ge Ge's school). There,the Doctor inspected him for awhile and told us he could have infection and something was taking away the nutrients in the food he ate, causing him to stop gaining weight and lose it. Doc gave him and injection(with a seriously sharp end). Now we have to inject Theodore ourselves every 4 something.

Then when we went down to the carpark, we saw a Lotus Upgraded(ps. I used Ge Ge's modified picture cos' I'm too lazy to modify mine heehee......).

Friday, 12 September 2008

on 403 bus going home.

When i was going home yesterday, I took bus 403 as usual. When I queued up and behind me was a little girl. With bronze hair and blue eyes, she looked and smiled at me. I guess she was about nic nics age. So being kind, I smiled back. When we got into the bus, I sat behind them then i heard the maid say" oh no, we forgot the bag". And she said "oh no. But if we tell the truth mummy is not going to scold us". The maid said "mummy is going to scold us""oh no,what am i going to tell my mamma mia??"(LOL!!!!). When we were getting nearer to riverina, she turned around and asked"whats your name?"I replied"Matthew""my name's Alice"she said. When I got of, I said "bye alice"and her reply was simply"bye!!".