Tuesday, 25 May 2010

5 more days and I'm outta here. I promised my friends I'd continue to blog and face book . I'm not sure bout blogger in china but in china face book is BANNED. Who gives a damn. There's a website that allows face book. I'm sure ill cry. Cos of 2 things. 1. I'm gonna miss her. 2. I'm gonna miss the food here. Ha has. So sian. Today went to celebrate Nigel and Sherlene's in-advance birthday. It was kinda cool. Cos The people I don't like weren't there to piss me or her off. Getting irritated by them is worse than Changi Prison canning.

Till here........ for now...

Saturday, 22 May 2010

welcome to sadness, misery and anger. or in short, life

On thursday night i got mum to sign my maths paper. I failed and got 41/100. Before she signed it i got scolded by dad. And then it was mums turn to scold me. She said that if rachel was affecting my studies then she would get ms fadillah to get her parents number and what ever shit. I wasnt really listening bcos mum cant stop me from liking her. Noone can. The next day mum said she was sorry about what she said that day. I didnt really get angry that day. just a little pissed off thats all. Mum said that we were still only P6 and that our relationship may not last forever. I was thinking at that time. If it may last forever, why stop it from becoming more of a reality? You keep restricting me. Why???
What's the most common word used in singapore? I'll tell you. Its the F word. Everyday i hear it. Whether it comes from my angry classmates or a pissed off guy at the interchange. The word f*** has been used so many times it has lost its meaning. Which is what Andrew said. He said singaporeans should have higher class. And he used the word : sneeveling piece of plato- whatever. I'm not surprised he learned it from his speech and drama teacher.