Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Today was English CA2 and I was kinda nervous at first but the paper turned out to be quite easy. After school I ate Nasi Lemak with Kelvin, Clarence and Nasrul. Then Nasrul said he didn't want the chicken wing. But I too did not want it, neither did the rest of the guys. So the next thing Nasrul did was unbelievable because he threw the chicken wing like a boomerang. Then Clarence used the plastic cover of the nasi lemak to carry it and kick on to the tree. And then Clarence held up his hands in "victory". That's what he called it. But Kelvin did something more unbelievable...... He drank Red Bull. He said it was an energy drink and sure enough on the can was two words:Energy Drink. When we came home I did tuition work. After finishing I made paper helicopters and put blue-tack on the bottom. It spun well and I'm gonna sell them to my DUMB classmates. Because if Nigel made quite a tidy sum of money selling ice cream stick guns that shoot limited rubber bands. But for my Helli's they can be used as torpedoes too. And I want money to buy a new soccer ball.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Today at school the stupid Daryl Lim called me some stupid "bad words" which are so kiddy man! He likes to call people names and hes very kaypoh if you know what I mean. So I called him Daryl Lim Kay Kiang. That did it. He started chasing me around. But he did'nt catch me cos at that time Kelvin came. And Daryl doesn't mess with me when Kelvins around cos Kelvin likes hitting people for no reason. But one thing I notice is that Daryl doesn't mess with me( when Kelvin is not around) when I have my hockey stick. And tomorrow I'm bringing the hockey stick tomorrow. So Daryl better watch out. Haha......

Friday, 14 August 2009

Today at school we were seperated into our groups and then started our drills. Since Syahid did'nt come, I was the leader of the group. Then I went to get a 100 plus from the drink stall before going to the classroom. When I arrived Mrs Soon was already in the class so we all remained silent. After MT, Kelvin was fooling around with my hockey stick and hit Rachel on the head and then she started crying. Since we all know Darren likes Rachel, we all teased Darren that he would cry too. Then I started this minor thing that Darren would go outside the girl's toilet and 'console' Rachel. And I gotta admit that was kinda mean. Cos the words I said were a little "colourful". So everyone, except Darren, Rachel and her friends, all had a little laugh.

After school Mummy fetched me and I ate chicken rice. Then I went to do Xiu(tuition teacher)'s homework for me which was to copy multiplications of 3(48 times) 4(64 times) and 6(72 times). So to me(no offence but....) Xiu is kinda crazy. If you know what I mean.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Today was Nazri's birthday and I was kinda angry with me cos I knew it since yesterday and I said I would get him something but i forgot to. We celebrated by playing soccer with the usual guys and girls. Almost all the girls are tomboys. The girly girls all play games by themselves so its borrrrrring. Actually not all the guys came. Only Syahid, Azri, Azmina, Batrisha, Nazri and me. Nazri's father is getting him a new soccer ball which should be bigger than the current one cos its kiddy size.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Today we went to school and like usual the same damn thing happened again. After school I went to the E-con Mini Mart and had a Iceberg cola for lunch and I know Mummy will say that I should buy proper food and stuff instead of buying sugared drinks but the amount of food in my normal meal is more than 330ml of sugared drinks. Then I went to buy the BB gun at the Mini Mart near East Vale. Then went back to school for Hockey. Then Coach scolded us for not doing more control drills than the P2. Control drill is passing the ball left and right. But on my second attempt I beat the record of 135 by 1.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Today the stupid Lao Shi let the fatso(Axel) off first for no reason at all. So i asked him, 老师,为什么你让他走先???? and he said he just let him go. I then said what????? and muttered the F word under my breath. But I don't care if he scolds me or what cos he is an idiot.

After school we went to Botak Jones to eat and I had Black Pepper Chicken with Cheese Potato and spicy fries(right) and their food is so AWESOME!!!!!!!! It's better than Astons man!!!!!! So we got a membership card for free and then we got $5 off from my NDP 09 booklet from the goodie bag and the bag is really a bag.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Today I woke up and it was snowing!(just kidding) Since we switched our air-con with the studies it's been freezing every single night! and I had to cover my blanket to my neck. We went to eat at Elias Mall and then went to see the plastic models of planes, ships, tanks and dinosaurs. It was cool man. They had models of the Navy ships that failed to "protect" us during WWII. Then we went back home and Mummy and gege went to buy lunch while me and nic played tennis. After that we played with the new Transformer toys Daddy bought us yesterday. We have Desert Tracker Ratchet, Ironhide, Demolisher and Mixmaster. Mixmaster is so awesome cos he has a cannon on top of his head and his head is movable.

Then I went to do homework from Xiu(tuition). Not so inspiring cos I had to copy three words 20 times.