Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Today in school my tooth came out during mother tongue period. I spent 5 minutes washing the blood off my gums. And then got scolded for not completing my work. Anyway today is Wednesday and i hate Wednesdays because i have no sport or anything what-so-ever except for taekwondo and i hate taekwondo cos all i do there is run, run and let me think what was that again.... oh yeah.......... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm ending taekwondo after this term.
Last week and on tuesday we went to play at the tournament and we scored 11-0 against Yuhwa primary, 10-2 against Keming primary and 9-0 against Park View primary. Tomorrow we're probably going against Pasir ris primary and they have been training everyday for two weeks during the holidays.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yesterday during floorball i received my jersey. I chose number 19 since i was born on July 19th. And I was happy it fitted me. So i quikly grabbed it along with a short and socks then we continued training. After training i got myself a drink at the 7-eleven and did my homework. Then I waited til mum came. At 4 :35 it started raining. At 5:20 mum came.

Friday, 8 January 2010

I just had a lecture from mum and then I got EMO again. I was telling mum I wanted to quit Xiu's tuition but she said that my Math was too poor just Cos I failed p5 SA2 maths. I don't think she understands what it feels like having a tutor who embarrasses you. Like when I was trying to sweep an ant of my book she scolded me and dismantled my correction tape to keep the ant in there and made me find another ant in the kitchen to "accompany" that ant.

But at least at the end of every fight, quarrel, etc. etc. We're still family

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

a new year

Its a new year and it started of kind of lousy. Nigel came on 31 dec 2009 and he stayed over cos he wanted to accompany us to jurong bird park the next day. We had quite alot of fun there with all the birds flying around us at the Lory Loft. When we stopped to have a snack at snack bar me and Nigel saw a gigantic cage with a sign that said : World's Most Dangerous Animal: Homo Sapien . So I took a picture of Nigel in the cage.

Yesterday I was happy and sad cos Mrs Soon will be teaching us Science and Maths. But the form teacher, Miss Fadillah, fancies the word 'Shut up'. Great, I end up with a lousy teacher but luckily its only for English and I'm quite good at it. Even though she is a crappy teacher I'm still gonna work hard