Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Today in school my tooth came out during mother tongue period. I spent 5 minutes washing the blood off my gums. And then got scolded for not completing my work. Anyway today is Wednesday and i hate Wednesdays because i have no sport or anything what-so-ever except for taekwondo and i hate taekwondo cos all i do there is run, run and let me think what was that again.... oh yeah.......... RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I'm ending taekwondo after this term.
Last week and on tuesday we went to play at the tournament and we scored 11-0 against Yuhwa primary, 10-2 against Keming primary and 9-0 against Park View primary. Tomorrow we're probably going against Pasir ris primary and they have been training everyday for two weeks during the holidays.

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