Wednesday, 28 January 2009

another day

Yesterday celebrated CNY and played FIFA 09 on WII. Could'nt sleep cos' too much activity in brain. Today at chinese lesson XL teased me and said i liked someone. So at recess I teased him back. Then when I was talking to Xavier, he came from behind and pushed me. Our heads collided. It felt as if my skull cracked. When I came back to reality, Xavier, Clarence and I hit him in the stomach. I'm now playing Smiley Wars. My bruise still hurts.

Monday, 5 January 2009

going back to school

Today is the second day of school. I'm gaining confidence in finding friends. Although daddy and mummy keep telling me that at primary school you don't find friends that understand you truly. I've got a teacher who says she's been teaching for coming to 17 years and that she's taught a psycho child who uses the sharp edge of a pencil to poke other children's neck. Mrs Cheong is teaching 5/5 and I see her often. I'm playing my usual soccer with my previous class mates and having a little fun. Daddy says when I'm in secondary years I'll find a true friend.