Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Are you gay??

Today, I saw Ernest and Harsh holding hands and skipping around happily as if they were married. Then later, Haikal joined in too. I asked Harsh whether he was a boy or a girl, he didn't reply.
At floor ball, the first half of the lesson was without coach, then when he came, we showed him what we did before. When I did what I was supposed to do, he commented I did it quite well.
Tommorow I'm gonna make a "Roti-pizza". We don't have the base so we used the roti prata in the freezer as it. And to Ethan and Kyle, I wish them healthy growing up! :)

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


This is brownie's baby and it is just 3 days old! Mummy found a small 'thing' near the food bowl. We hurriedly got the others out into the old cage. Brownie has been a good mum and had even bitten a small part of the old towel for privacy for making a nest/bed for the baby. I hope the baby will grow and become as healthy as it's mum. :)