Wednesday, 28 April 2010


Yesterday the famous (or not) John Coutis came to our school. The thing that makes him famous(or not) is 1. he is a famous motivational speaker and 2. he has only his torso. But what i am happy when he came is that he gave us a very touching speak and he also gave me a thing to call Kenny(remember the reeeeeeeeally irritating guy?). When Mr. Coutis was young he had this best friend called Kenny. And Kenny was disabled too. He was stuck in a electric wheelchair and could'nt talk. So he used an electric wheelchair with its joystick at his chin since he could'nt move his arms. And whenever he sneezed he would go straight into the brick wall. The thing we can tease Kenny with was that Mr Coutis's friend needed someone to help him go to the toilet. And today Kenny didn't come and i don't think he's sick......

Today had spicy chips on the way home and spaghetti for lunch. Had to stay back during recess to finish corrections for Mrs Soon and was so tired i could'nt open my eyes during Chinese lesson. So I slept for 5 mins. Then after school went to get the chips and a big gulp at 7 eleven. But gonna stop getting big gulp cos i always have stomach ache when i get it.

Till here.........for now....

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