Monday, 26 April 2010

hey people

Some times i feel a little too ignored. Like when Nic got his Lego. And some times i feel just a little too pampered.
Just doing my work on the Don't really know why the school has to keep changing the homework website. I was ok with the first one. Sorry, can't remember the name.
Have a crush on someone. Sorry people. Can't tell. Lot's of people in my class already guessed it though. Feel so bored when i'm not sitting in front of her. Can't joke with her or any thing when Ms Fadillah says something sarcastic. Not gonna tell you anything else though. Unless you bribe me........ I'm just kidding
Today had chinese spelling. And i don't really study. Yeah, I remember what i said in the last post. But I need to focus on Math first. Bcos i can go to Europe or America. Just kidding. America is full of ............ and i don't really fancy living in Europe cos the money there cost alot of Singapore dollars. Where I wanna live is in New Zealand. Heard there's alot of sheep and not many people. Plus they're asking for people to live there too. And I think its cool to live in a house which is eco friendly, runs on solar power, has a lake where people can go fishing nearby and has its own farm. Yeah, my dream house. Away from the dirty city where theres pollution everywhere.
But of course that could be just a dream. Unless i work hard now and save enough money to get one of those, that will just be a dream.
Till here people, and forget about the bribing......... :)

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