Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Today we had a small test on maths angles and it wasn't that hard that i freaked out. Everything was fine until Mother Tongue when the substitute teacher came. When subs come you're supposed to celebrate the illness of your cruel teacher and hope that illness lasts very long. But then this sub likes to take videos with the crappy phone of his and show it to the principal. When we were reading he asked us to stop and he scolded two guys, Xuan Rui and Darryl Tan, because they were not reading and then later on when he asked Darryl to come to the front and answer a question, Xuan Rui told him to go when he didn't want to. So he started crying and the sub accused him of bullying Darryl. Me and some other people laughed because 1. I hate Darryl because whenever he cries he just disturbs everyone and prevents them with carrying on with their business and 2. His crying is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Call me a bully, I don't care because the last time he cried was during P.E. and we only have 2 periods a week and he wasted a quarter of it because he cried when we were playing captains ball he moved while carrying the ball. Then he cried and said he hated being accused and blah blah blah who cares. We weren't even accusing him.
Anyway i hate anybody that cries because it makes me think that person is still soooooooo childish and should be in primary one, or better yet in nursery. So if Darryl needs any help from me I'll refuse because if hes still crying like a baby he could jolly well go to another school where everyone cries. Call me evil and cold hearted but I'm just saying this in my view.

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